Personal Data in the Context of Mobile Networks

Overview Over the last decade, the mobile phone has become the primary means for people to access the internet whenever they want and wherever they go. This has led not […]

The importance of sustainability and ESG to the mobile industry

Overview Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our generation. Consumers, employees and regulators are increasingly vocal regarding their expectations for companies to act responsibly and to demonstrate how […]

5G – el camino hacia la próxima generación

Visión general La industria móvil está comenzando la transición a la tecnología de quinta generación (5G), que se basa en los logros de 4G y al mismo tiempo crea nuevas […]

Responding to Disasters and Humanitarian Crises

Overview Recent emergencies, such as the major hurricanes in the Caribbean and the unprecedented number of people being forcibly displaced around the world, highlight the increasingly important role mobile plays […]

Digital Identity for the Underserved

Overview Official proof of identity is fundamental to an individual’s ability to enforce their rights and secure access to a wide range of important services. However, one billion people in […]

Mobile Sector Taxation

Overview In many countries, in a variety of ways, governments impose substantial taxes on the mobile industry — above and beyond standard corporate tax. Sector-specific taxation is never without consequences. […]

L’Internet des objets

Aperçu L’Internet des objets (IoT) consiste à connecter des appareils à Internet sur des réseaux multiples pour leur permettre de communiquer avec des humains, avec des applications et entre eux. […]

5G : La voie vers la prochaine génération

Aperçu Le secteur mobile s’apprête à entamer la transition vers la technologie de la cinquième génération (5G), qui reposera sur les accomplissements de la 4G tout en créant de nouvelles […]

Leveraging Mobile to Achieve SDG Targets

Overview Between now and 2030, the mobile industry will bring billions of people and things online, helping to enrich the lives of citizens around the world and deliver on the […]