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5G : La voie vers la prochaine génération

Aperçu Le secteur mobile s’apprête à entamer la transition vers la technologie de la cinquième génération (5G), qui reposera sur les accomplissements de la 4G tout en créant de nouvelles […]


Personal Data in the Context of Mobile Networks

Overview Over the last decade, the mobile phone has become the primary means for people to access the internet whenever they want and wherever they go. This has led not […]

The importance of sustainability and ESG to the mobile industry

Overview Sustainability is one of the defining issues of our generation. Consumers, employees and regulators are increasingly vocal regarding their expectations for companies to act responsibly and to demonstrate how […]

GSMA Capacity Building: Induction Pathway (IPW)

Welcome to the GSMA Capacity Building Induction Pathway Programme (IPW). Background The continual rapid pace of change across the mobile sector has presented challenges for regulatory authorities as knowledge gaps […]

Bridging the Mobile Gender Gap

Overview There is currently a significant gender gap associated with access to, and use of, the internet and mobile broadband services. This course aims to help policymakers understand the size […]

Spectrum Management for Mobile Telecommunications

Overview This course considers the history and technical evolution of mobile telecommunications before moving on to cover the core functions of the spectrum manager. Participants will learn about how spectrum […]

The Role of Mobile in Humanitarian Action

Overview The need for humanitarian assistance is on the rise. A recent report from the UN OCHA estimates that 235 million people worldwide currently require assistance and protection. New partnership […]

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Impact

Overview Climate change, infectious diseases, disasters, air pollution, migration and poverty are among the most critical challenges the world faces today. This four-week course looks at the role mobile technology, […]

Principles of Mobile Privacy and Security

Overview The growth of the mobile internet and converged services is creating new challenges related to the use and protection of people’s personal information. The legal landscape is also evolving […]

Leveraging Mobile to Achieve SDG Targets

Overview Between now and 2030, the mobile industry will bring billions of people and things online, helping to enrich the lives of citizens around the world and deliver on the […]