Mobile Sector Taxation

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In many countries, in a variety of ways, governments impose substantial taxes on the mobile industry — above and beyond standard corporate tax. Sector-specific taxation is never without consequences. For example, special mobile taxes affect consumer prices as well as operators’ ability to build and upgrade their networks.

This course takes a critical look at mobile industry taxation, discusses the impacts of these taxes, and explains how telecoms regulators can affect the level of sector-specific taxation.

Course Objectives

• Learn about the principles of taxation.
• Understand the ways additional taxes are applied to the mobile industry.
• Learn how supplemental mobile sector taxation impacts consumers and society.
• Consider how over-taxation of the sector can be rolled back to everyone’s benefit.

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Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 1

Session 1:

An overview of the global mobile economy

Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 2

Session 2:

The theory of taxation

Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 3

Session 3:

Taxation in practice

Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 4

Session 4:

Global trends in mobile taxation

Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 5

Session 5: Tax reform can generate revenue for governments


Mobile Sector Taxation - Session 6

Session 6: Summary - Best practices of taxation

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3 weeks
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Course Leader
Nicolas Fichers
Economic Research Manager, GSMA
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As an Economic Research Manager, Nicolas provides analysis to improve mobile affordability, with a particular focus on assessing the economic impacts of taxation in emerging economies. Prior to joining the GSMA, Nicolas spent five years in an international development company providing technical support to private sector development projects and undertaking market analysis in fragile market systems in Africa. He worked closely with international organisations, governments, financial institutions and the private sector. Nicolas holds a Masters in Applied Economics from the KU Leuven, a Masters in Economics from the Economic School of Louvain (UCL), and a Bachelor in Management and Economics from UCL.

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Debra-Derieux Matos
Responsable de formations et de contenu, GSMA
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Debra-Derieux manages and edits content for the GSMA’s Capacity Building training courses and publications and leads Teaching Training programme for the delivery of online and face-to-face courses. Debra is a lifestyle author, who prior to joining the GSMA, worked as a multilingual broadcast journalist and correspondent based in Paris. She has worked as a communications consultant and lecturer designing and delivering undergraduate and graduate training courses in universities and media school groups in London, Brussels and New York. Debra holds a BA in Journalism-Mass Media and Broadcasting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MA – PD in Hispanic Language Civilisations and Literatures from New York University.