Mobile For Socio-Economic Development

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Course overview
The potential of mobile technologies to enhance people’s lives and generate economic value is unprecedented. Governments in every country have a responsibility to create the conditions that maximise the benefits for society.

This intensive course highlights the contribution that the mobile industry and mobile technologies make to the economy, and the wide range of mobile services that, particularly in developing countries, can transform people’s lives. Participants will learn about regulatory best practices for the mobile sector, as well as practical steps that can accelerate the delivery and uptake of mobile-driven education, healthcare and financial services.

Course objectives
– Understand the economic contribution of the mobile sector and the effects of government intervention
– Learn how government can best support universal access to mobile
– Learn how mobile technologies contribute to social welfare through health, education, financial inclusion and e-government

MSED Session 1

Mobile as a Driver of Economic Growth
– Mobile impact on economy and employment
– Overview of research on the impact of mobile
– Case studies in mobile-powered development

MSED Session 2

Case Studies

MSED Session 3

Enhancing Affordability Through Best-Practice Taxation
– Taxes on mobile consumers
– Fees and levies on operators
– Other telecoms-specific taxes

MSED Session 4

Regulatory Models for Widening Broadband Access
– Universal service funds and their limitations
– Wholesale access networks and network sharing
– Public-private partnerships

MSED Session 5

Mobile Broadband Network Regulation
– Traffic management in mobile networks
– Mobile backhaul connectivity

MSED Session 6

Mobile-Aided Learning
– mEducation initiatives
– Training teachers through mobile technologies
– Optimising content on mobile devices
– Promotion of responsible use

MSED Session 7

Financial Inclusion
– Benefits of mobile money services
– Safeguarding customer funds
– Financial compliance

MSED Session 8

Health Service Delivery
– The role of mobile in health service delivery
– Mobile health and chronic disease awareness campaigns
– Bridging regulatory gaps

MSED Session 9

Connecting the Unconnected
– mAgriculture

MSED Session 10

Connecting the Unconnected
– Rural communities
– Gender inclusion
– Disaster recovery
– mGovernment

Course Duration
6 weeks
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Course Leader
Ronda Zelezny-Green
Email Leader

Ronda developed and directs the Capacity Building programme’s eLearning platform. She has more than 10 years of teaching and training delivery experience, both face-to-face and online. She has also worked with learners across five continents, at all education levels, and in government. She has regional expertise in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and subject matter expertise in public policy, gender, and mobile learning. Ronda has a PhD in Information and Communication Technologies for Development from the University of London.

Course Moderator
Orla Ryan
Email Moderator

With over 15 years working at the GSMA, Orla has worked in many different areas including member working groups, event management and now with Capacity Building as Engagement Manager. Orla holds a diploma in Business and Languages, Public Relations and has most recently been studying cyber psychology.