Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion

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Course overview
Mobile money services are proliferating in many countries, providing ‘unbanked’ citizens with the ability to manage their money and make financial transactions efficiently and securely. While the business model has been proven through hundreds of self-sustaining services, many countries have only a nascent mobile money sector. Meanwhile, in mature markets the mobile money platform is now used to offer a broader range of financial and mobile-for-development services.

This course provides an in-depth look at mobile money services — how they work, the stakeholders involved and the regulatory enablers, as well as critical issues such as cross-network interoperability.

Course objectives
-Understand the value of mobile money services to individuals and society
-Learn about the regulatory framework that is required, as well as the legal boundaries, for mobile money to flourish

Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion Session 1

Mobile Money Regulatory Principles

Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion Session 2

Mobile Money - Case Studies


Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion Session 3

Mobile Money – The Regulatory Architecture and Key Regulatory Principles

Mobile Money for Financial Inclusion Session 4

Economic Impact of Mobile Money

Course Duration
4 weeks
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Course Leader
Saad Farooq
Advocacy & Regulations Specialist
Email Leader

Saad Farooq is the Advocacy and Regulatory Specialist for the Mobile Money programme at the GSMA and is based in London. With a global focus, Saad works towards advocating the enabling of regulatory policies to promote the role of mobile money as a tool for improving the social and economic lives of the poor. Saad is currently leading discussions with regulatory and commercial stakeholders signifying the role and achievements of mobile money as a strategic enabler for reducing the costs of international remittances in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Prior to joining the GSMA, Saad was working for a mobile money issuer and was responsible for the development of new and innovative payments services and ensuring regulatory compliance in EU and MENA regions. Saad holds an MBA with a focus on strategy and international business.

Course Moderator
Andrea Guajardo
Email Moderator

Andrea is Senior Partnerships and Digital Training Manager for the Capacity Building programme. Based in Santiago, Chile, she manages the CE-Digital programme, a capacity building partnership with CAF and ECLAC in Latin America. Andrea holds a Master's degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor's degree in English Education from the Universidad de Santiago.